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Our Key Actions

The school was inspected in December 2013 and judged as ‘requiring improvement’.  The Governing Body and senior leadership have a clear plan to move the school forward quickly to the benefit of all of our children and the local community.


Key Priorities


Key Focus : Develop effective monitoring processes to evaluate the quality of provision and strengthen performance management procedures to ensure that teachers are held to account for the impact of their work on pupils learning and progress.
Key Focus : Raise standards of attainment and progress in writing and mathematics through the development of independent learning behaviours and setting relevant, challenging and achievable targets.
Key Focus : To ensure all lessons are consistently good or better and challenge and support the learning of all pupils; particularly the more able.
Areas for whole school development  To develop the curriculum and ensure it is line with national policy and the 2014 developments.

Action taken so far:

Monitoring of teacher performance

  • Teachers and teaching assistants have visited other schools and worked alongside other teachers to develop planning and observe lessons.
  • Subject leaders have updated their action plans.
  • The Local Authority has produced a plan which identifies additional opportunities for support.
  • Subject leaders have met with link Governors to agree plans and to give updates and developments so far.
  • Some subject leaders have made presentations to the Governing Body.
  • All subject leaders have attended local network training meetings.


Raising standards in writing and mathematics

  • Subject leaders and Governors have looked at children’s work to review progress.
  • Teachers have analysed assessment information from the autumn term.
  • Teachers have identified areas where additional support is required and where more challenging tasks are needed.
  • All children have taken part in spelling assessments.
  • Governors have visited the classrooms.
  • ‘Make your mark’ day held in school.


Lessons are consistently good or better

  • All staff have taken part in training led by the Local Authority linked to behaviour management.
  • Teachers have updated their planning formats.
  • The school adviser has observed lessons on several occasions.
  • Headteachers from local schools have observed lessons and talked to staff.
  • The headteacher has spoken to the pupils about their learning.


Development of new curriculum

  • Senior teachers have attended training and curriculum conferences.


A copy of the full school development plan is available upon request.

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