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School Attendance

We strive for high levels of school attendance for all of our children and hope we can work together with our families and local community to achieve this.

The school gates open at 8.45am and children are able to come into class straight away, the teachers will often have a morning task available for the children to complete upon arrival.

Our morning session starts at 9.00am and children should be in their classrooms by this time. Registers close at 9.20am

There is an hour for lunch and afternoon registration is at 1.00pm.

The end of the day is 3.30pm.

This amounts to 32.5 hours per week.

Our Castle Club runs every day from 7.45am – 8.45am then 3.30pm until 5.30pm. Please click on the Castle Club page for more details.

Why is it important for children not to miss school?

All parents want the best for their children and for them to get on well in life. Having a good education is important to ensure that they have the best opportunities in their adult life. They only
get one chance at school, and your child’s future may be affected by not attending school or alternative provision regularly.
If children do not attend school regularly they may:

  • Struggle to keep up with school work. In a busy school day, it can be difficult for schools to find the extra time to help a child catch up.
  • Miss out on the social side of school life. Poor attendance can affect children’s ability to make and keep friendships; a vital part of growing up.

Setting good attendance patterns from an early age, from nursery through primary school will also help your child later on in their life. Children who have a poor school attendance record may have less chance of securing a job when they are adults. Being on time is also vital, arriving late at school can be very disruptive for your child, their teacher and the other children in the class.

At Sheriff Hutton Primary School we work alongside parents / carers and the Local Authority to support regular attendance at school. We follow the guidance and expectations of the DfE document ‘ Working together to improve school attendance’ (link below).

Working Together to Improve School Attendance

Every term we send out our Attendance Matters information, which highlights our attendance figures, our school targets and provides helpful information for parents and carers.