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Tutoring Programme

National Tutoring Programme

The National Tutoring Programme is a key part of the Government’s COVID-19 catch-up response for schools and forms part of the wider Catch-Up Funding. The programme aims to support teachers and schools in providing a sustained response to the Covid-19 pandemic and to provide a longer-term contribution to closing the attainment gap.

Research has shown that pupils learning has been affected by school closures (EEF, 2021), which is supported by a larger body of evidence suggesting that the attainment gap tends to grow over periods such as summer holidays when schools are shut.

We know tutoring can have a positive impact on pupils’ academic progress. Evidence suggests that, compared to their peers who do not receive tuition, pupils who receive small group tuition may make, on average, 4 months additional progress. This is likely linked to pupils receiving more feedback, being more engaged and completing work tailored to their specific needs. Tutoring can also help pupils to build resilience. Research shows that individual tuition builds pupils’ confidence and provides opportunities for staff to identify areas requiring specialist support. Many pupils find that tutoring offers a safe space to talk about concepts they have struggled with in the classroom.

Our school is offering a school-led tutoring programme. The tutors are staff employed by the school, such as teachers or teaching assistants; all of whom have undertaken appropriate training. The tutoring sessions are offered out of curriculum teaching time, in slots of one hour. The blocks will last for about 15 weeks. The sessions may be on a 1 to 1 basis, in pairs or as a small group of no more than 3 children.

Further details are available in the documents below:

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