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Music Day at Ampleforth College

Music Workshops

On Tuesday 22nd September the children from Howard Class went to Ampleforth College for a day of musical workshops.

The first session was a singing group – we practised songs to sing later in the day.

Our second workshop was drumming! This was great fun (and very noisy)! We followed simple rhythms and found out about the different types of African drums.

DSC03000 DSC03003








Next we spent some time looking at different instruments from the orchestra. We loved the violin and brass instruments.

DSC03013 DSC03021








In the afternoon we sang with three other schools in the Abbey itself. This was very exciting although a little overwhelming.

DSC03037 DSC03043 DSC03046









We had a fantastic day and wish to thank everyone from Ampleforth College for such a wonderful experience.


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