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Swedish Visit 2014

It seems only last week since our Swedish partners came for their annual visit!

However it is that time again for this wonderful opportunity for our children to experience meeting and working with a group of children from Gadden Skolan near Gotenburg.

We met them at the station on Wednesday and spent the afternoon showing them many of the tourist sights of York. We enjoyed a wonderful tea of pizza and ice-cream!

On Saturday they joined us for our mini activities in school.  The teams are made up of pupils from both Sheriff and Gadden and we take part in fun activities. The winning team gets a small prize! After this event the Swedish children take the opportunity to experience life with an British family, coming back to our houses and having tea with us.

On Tuesday they all visited us in school when we shared information about our local area and they got the chance to visit all the classes in school. They often tried to teach us some simple Swedish words!

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This is a great opportunity for all the children in our school to share different experiences with children from a different country. We are again looking forward to visiting them in Sweden in June 2015.

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