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Our school priorities!

School Development Plan 2014 – 2015

The School Development Plan reflects the school’s priorities identified through ongoing self-evaluation and analysis of pupil progress; it also incorporates key areas to be addressed following our OFSTED inspection (Dec 2013) and Local Authority advice.

It is closely linked to our Performance Management focus and resulting Continuing Professional Development needs.

Our key priorities for the year ahead are:

  • To improve pupils’ achievement in writing and mathematics.

Children’s progress in writing and mathematics is a significant focus for the coming year. We will ensure there are greater opportunities for the children to write at length in a range of genres with clear purpose and audience. Their work in mathematics will have clear links to all relevant aspects of the curriculum and a strong coherent approach will be taken to the range of calculation methods. All staff members are committed to ensuring that marking of children’s’ work is purposeful and meaningful, the use of challenging targets and ‘next steps’ will support their progress so that they can each move forward in their learning. We aim to achieve consistency in marking across all year groups and for all children to be given time to act on feedback given. High standards of presentation and handwriting will be expected from all of our children and staff.

  • To increase the proportion of good and outstanding teaching and learning throughout the school.

All staff will strive to ensure teaching and learning is at least consistently good or better throughout the school. We believe our children should become more independent learners and we recognise that high quality learning                             experiences and a range of cross curricular opportunities will improve all of our children’s progress and development.

  • To develop and improve the effectiveness of leadership and management at all levels.

Distinct roles and responsibilities will guarantee all staff have a clear understanding of what is expected of them as class teachers as well as leaders of curriculum areas. We aim to provide a range of opportunities for continuing professional development both in terms of training sessions and also working alongside colleagues from the Easingwold Area Partnership and other local schools. Regular monitoring and moderation activities will ensure the school is rigorous in its own self-evaluation procedures and judgements.

The school is pleased to welcome several new members of staff, Mrs Sarah Holdsworth, Mrs Julie Bartlett and Mrs Kate Thurstans will be joining our team in September. Supportive induction procedures will help them to settle quickly and begin to make a positive contribution to provision at Sheriff Hutton Primary School.

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