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Our Greek Day!

Howard class enjoyed a great day dressing up in ancient Greek costumes, eating Greek food and watching Greek plays!

The day started as we came to school in Greek costumes, many of us had created them ourselves from sheets and belts. We then watched a few presentations about Ancient Greeks which some of the children had produced using PowerPoint.

DSC00349 DSC00350DSC00352








After playtime the whole school joined us to watch a selection of Greek plays. We have written these plays over the last few weeks and then practiced them using suitable narration and stage directions. For some of the plays we used the Greek masks we had created in art and DT.

DSC00359 DSC00368 DSC00373








In the afternoon we had the chance to taste some Greek food – lovely delights such as stuffed vine leaves, olives, feta cheese etc. Many of us enjoyed it all but some things tasted quite strange!DSC00376 DSC00378 DSC00379







We finished the day with our own version of Olympic style games during our PE session. It was great fun!


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